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Kilmington Parish Council

Parish Clerk – Mrs Ruth Burrows      Email:

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday, 5 September 2019 in Whitesheet CE Primary Academy.

Present:  Cllrs G Cotton (Chairman), Mrs Hames (Vice-Chairman), M Curtis, R Flower, G Hunt and C Reeves.
In attendance:  Mrs R Burrows (Clerk) and Cllr G Jeans; 1 member of the public.

The meeting opened at 19.30 hrs
126.  PUBLIC SESSION: This provides an opportunity for Members of the Public to raise questions about and comment on items on the Agenda. A member of the public who has been actively working to bring together a group of residents to commit to the Openreach Community Fibre Partnership, explained how far the project has reached.  At the present time there are 18 interested parties but there could be a few more yet to sign up.  A resident in Norton Ferris had expressed interest and Openreach have been informed of this. A final cut-off date will need to be set but once the final numbers are confirmed, Openreach will be asked to requote so that each household will know exactly what costs will be incurred although taking into account the existing quote, the vouchers available will pay for the cost and there will be no additional financial contributions to be paid.  Cllr Hunt said that a higher value voucher could be available if the Whitesheet School could be persuaded to join the partnership.  However, as part of this scheme, Openreach require a contract to be signed by a Legal Entity Company.  Prior to the meeting, the Chairman had spoken to the member of the public to say that it was extremely unlikely that the council would be able to agree to this.  The PC agreed to discuss further under the agenda item.

127.  APOLOGIES for absence were received from Cllr I Meeker due to work commitments.

Members are invited to declare disclosable pecuniary interests and other interests in items on the agenda as required by the Kilmington Parish Council Code of Conduct for Members and by the Localism Act 2011.

  • None received.

The minutes of the last Parish Council meeting held on Thursday,16 May were approved and signed as a correct record.

130.  MATTERS ARISING (not covered by other Agenda items)
a) Firework Display – Cllr Mrs Hames reported that Darren Davis had arranged his place on a Firework Training Course being held in Luton next Sunday 15 September.  As time was short and there was the chance that he would lose his place on this course, he had been asked to pay the cost himself and for the PC to then refund him.  This had been done during the summer and the PC would be reimbursed (less the VAT) from the Amenity Fund. The total cost of the course was £175.00 including VAT.  Darren has informed Cllr Hames that he needs some special fireproof clothing and she confirmed that, again, the Amenity Fund would cover the cost of these.  The annual Firework Display is being planned to take place on Tuesday 5 November assuming of course that our Health & Safety Assessment and Insurance requirements are met.  The Clerk will contact Came & Co. our insurance agent to confirm.
b) Noticeboard refurbishment – the Clerk had included this item on the Agenda so that the PC’s thanks to Mr Tony Chubb and his wife, were recorded in the Minutes.  As reported in the Pink Paper and the Upper Stour Parish magazine, an exceptionally fine new noticeboard is now in place.

(All applications can be viewed on Wiltshire Council’s (WC)website
  – and type in the relevant application number)
a) Applications to consider at the meeting:  None
The Clerk reported that a new application had arrived after the Agenda had been issued - this was 19/07890/FUL relating to a regrade and widening of the access driveway to White Lodge, The Street.  She asked if it would be necessary to contact the agent to ask for copies of the drawings and plans to be provided for circulating to all members and was told that she should arrange this.                                                                                         Action: Clerk
b) Applications considered/determined since last meeting:
19/03205/FUL demolish in part existing agricultural buildings and erect extension to existing barn to house cattle at Church Farm, Church Road, Kilmington BA12 6RD
PC response: Support                                                                    LPA: approved with conditions 30.05.19

19/03330/FUL extension with internal alterations at Brendon, Church Road, Kilmington BA12 6RE
PC response: Support                                                                    LPA: approved with conditions 20.06.19

19/05457/FUL demolish in part existing agricultural buildings, erect extension to existing barn to house cattle at Church Farm, Church Road, Kilmington BA12 6RD
PC response: Support                                                                    LPA: approved with conditions 26.07.19

19/06196/CLE certificate of lawfulness for existing dwelling with associated garden and parking at Dairy Barn, Manor Farm, The Street, BA12 6RW
PC response: Support                                                                    LPA: decision expected 20.09.19

19/06154/FUL erection of agricultural workers dwelling on land at Church Road Farm, BA12 6RD
PC response: Support with conditions                                     LPA: approved with conditions 23.08.19

19/06484/FUL construction of steel framed storage building and associated ground works to house temporary storage in shipping containers at Long Knoll Barns, Cokers Lane BA12 7HU
PC response: Support  but LPA to check ROW in area       LPA: approved with conditions 28.08.19

It was to be noted that WC had informed the PC that The Planning Inspectorate had dismissed the APPEAL in relation to application 18/11603/FUL the erection of a detached 3-bedroom cottage within the curtilage of “Thenford”.

c) Mardon, Butts Lane, Kilmington - Change of Roof Material – the PC has been asked by the owners to give an informal response to their proposal for a different roofing material to that in the original planning application (14/10417/FUL).  It was RESOLVED that there would be no objections from the PC to the change of roof materials.

132.  BROADBAND: a new Openreach Community Fibre Partnership initiative – following the details which the resident of Butts Lane had provided in the public session of the meeting (item 126) it was agreed that the council’s remit was to assist in as many ways as possible on all matters concerning the village. RESOLVED that further enquiries would be made as to exactly what the liabilities would be if the PC agreed to become the Legal Entity Company for the group of residents now ready to sign up to this project.  The Clerk would make some enquiries with the Wilts Assoc of Local Councils and Cllr Jeans said it would be worth contacting Sarah Cosentino WC to find out more as we cannot be the only parish in Wiltshire where this is happening but proper legal advice is essential.
Action: Chairman/Clerk
a) Parking outside the Playing Field – Cllr Cotton said that a meeting at the playing field with the NT Covenant Officer, himself, Cllr Meeker and the Clerk had been taken place on 13 June.  The NT had repeated their stance that it was concerned about the ancient/historical blackthorn hedge along the front edge of the field having to be removed and had thought the answer could be to move the parking area over to the right of the field along side the track.  However, having now visited the site she realised that a large amount of the children’s playing equipment took up that space.  Cllrs Cotton and Meeker had said it would cost a very large amount of money to have the equipment re-sited so did not think that would be an option.  The NT representative said she would consult further with her team and would contact us again.  The Clerk had emailed the NT on 27 August asking for an update but the reply had come back that due to an exceptionally high number of applications needing advice they are not sure when we would receive a response from them.  Cllr Hunt said he would see what he could do with regard to chasing the Covenant team for a reply.

b) Footpath KIL16 across the playing field – the Clerk said a reply from the WC ROW Warden Nick Cowan had been received which indicated it would cost in the region of £3000 to officially divert the footpath.  A discussion then took place on the various aspects of the problems faced because of the path running through that section of the playing field where numerous pieces of play equipment had been placed.  It was felt that the majority of dog owners were responsible and picked up after their pet but there would always be the few who were not.  Notices were on the gate informing members of the public that dogs must be on a lead at all times. The PC did not think it would be a good use of public money to divert or change the footpath in any way.  It was RESOLVED that no further action should be taken on this matter.                                                                                                                                 Item closed
The Clerk read out a communication she had received from a resident of Manor Terrace who had been delving into old Ordnance Survey maps and had offered to scan or copy these for the PC in the hope that it might help to establish the route of footpath.  She was asked to thank the resident for his offer of help but that no further action is being taken on this matter.                                                                                                                                        Action: Clerk

c) B3092 Coombe Barn junction – the Chairman said Julie Watts WC had confirmed that the design work for the new signs is complete and the works order had been sent to the contractor although having driven down to the junction earlier in the week there was nothing further to report.  Cllr Cotton said he had emailed Ms Watts for an update but she is currently on holiday. 

d) Speed Indicator Device – Cllr Flower reported that the switch over process between the three parishes was now working well.  The device has been delivered back to him and he will position it on the pole as soon as his time permits.   Cllr Jeans reminded the council that they still have use of the Community SID and this would become available to Kilmington during the next three weeks.                                                                              Action: Cllr Flower

e) Road repairs to The Street & Butts Lane Dip – the Chairman said he had been in contact again with Diane Ware Principal Technical Officer WC regarding resurfacing works to The Street as several areas have recently been marked up along the road and she had confirmed that the work has definitely been budgeted for the next financial year.  Some preparatory works have been already been undertaken and they will be patching these areas to make it ready for the surface dressing; the poor areas are taken out, so it should be a lot more driveable.
A lengthy discussion on the problem of the dip in Butts Lane took place.  Cllr Jeans said it could be worth bring it to the attention of CATG and also contacting David Button WC to get his thoughts as he is usually extremely helpful in these matters.  It was RESOLVED that the Chairman would contact David Button WC and depending on that outcome it might be sent through to CATG as an item on the Agenda for their next meeting on 6 November. Action: Chairman

f) Ditch maintenance/Flood Plan – the Chairman said that the blocked gully at the junction of Church Road and Butts Lane had been reported with photos on the MyWilts app and WC had confirmed completion of the work on 15 August.  No further progress had been made on the Flood Plan but this still had to be done.
Action: Cllr Cotton & Reeves

g) Parish Steward – the Chairman said that Steward had been in the parish earlier in the week and the system of him calling into see him for a job list was working well.                                                                                                            Action: ALL

h) Pedestrian gates – Area Broad funding: members had been sent details of an initiative by the Area Board to assist with the provision of new pedestrian gates.  It was RESOLVED that no new gates were required in the parish and the Clerk should notify our Community Engagement Manager, Karen Linaker.                                                     Action: Clerk

Cllr Jeans said he had not prepared a report but would comment as and when he could throughout the meeting.

Cllr Hames said that the Play Area Committee had not met during the summer months and everything seemed to be in order.  The Clerk said she had received notification that the annual inspection would take place sometime in September although the actual date is never provided, the inspector will just turn up.  She confirmed that in regard to the 2018 report and the inspector’s findings on the Cableway/Zipwire, she had specifically written to the RoSPA team giving them a detailed report on the work the council had paid to be undertaken on this equipment earlier in the year in the hope that with this on file, there would not be any findings or tasks for that piece of equipment included in this year’s report.
Cllr Reeves said he still had to repair the small gaps in the fence and he had not forgotten this needed to be done but at the present time, these were not a concern as the overgrowth of shrubs and weeds were filling them.
Action: Cllr Reeves

a) The Clerk confirmed that the current balance of the Lloyds Bank account as at 5.09.19 is £10,997.75 and this reconciles with the bank statement dated 30.08.19 with all cheques cleared.

b)It was RESOLVED to approve the following payments and the Chairman and Cllr Mrs Hames signed the cheques:


Mr G Adlam  (already paid)

Re-issue of (cancelled) which had incorrect payee



Mr D L Davis    (already paid)

Payment to Fantastic Fireworks Ltd for attendance on certification course



Mr D L Davis

Play Area Inspections Q2



Mrs R K Burrows

Salary and allowance Q2




Clerk’s PAYE Q2



T J Thornley

Website updates Q2



Whitesheet CE Primary Academy

Hire of meeting room (Sept 2019)



Playsaftey Ltd

Annual Play Area Inspection



Citizens Advice Wiltshire

Section 137 donation



It was agreed that the Remembrance Wreath would again be purchased on behalf of the PC via the usual resident and reimbursement made either before or at the next meeting.  Cllr Mrs Hames handed to the Clerk the Amenity Fund’s cheque for £145.83 being the cost of the Fireworks Course excluding VAT.

c)Donation Requests: the Clerk had forwarded to members prior to the meeting requests from Wilts. Search & Rescue and St John Ambulance.  She was reminded that such requests would be considered when budgets were set for next year (at the November PC meeting) as no monies had been allocated for these charities in this year’s budget.  The Clerk was asked to reply to the two charities.                                                                               Action: Clerk

a) Local Plan Review: Spatial Planning WC had invited two members of the council to attend a meeting taking place at the Nadder Centre on 25.09.19 which will provide an update on the progress of Wiltshire Local Plan review and provide another opportunity to have input into the development of rural policies.  Cllr Reeves said he might attend and the Clerk was asked to contact Cllr Meeker to see if he would be willing to join him.

b) Polling Station Review Consultation: a communication had been received from Democratic Services WC regarding the consultation which it is undertaking between 12 July – 9 September and Kilmington has been highlighted in the document that Whitesheet School the current place for the parishes’ polling station has “no designated disabled parking and no level entrance; an accessible alternative should be sought”. Cllr Mrs Hames said she thought this had come about because at the European Elections the Poll Clerks had been asked to move from the main hall to a side room as the school had double booked and a Wake was to be held in the main hall.  This had resulted in electors being asked to enter via another door which was not disabled friendly. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk should respond to WC to the effect that provided the main school hall is used for the casting of votes, there is a level entrance, there is more than sufficient parking albeit not specifically marked up for the disabled and no change of Polling Station is needed for this parish.                        .                                                                                                 Action: Clerk

c) Community Governance Review: the Clerk had previously circulated details of a communication from Democratic Services WC asking it to consider any changes to governance arrangements it might like to be considered, these might include changes to the name of the parish, number of councillors, external boundaries.  It was RESOLVED that no changes were deemed necessary and the Clerk was requested to inform WC.                                         Action: Clerk


The date of the next meeting will be Thursday, 28 November 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Whitesheet CE Primary Academy.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.05 pm


Members are reminded that the Parish Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions:  Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and any disability), Crime and Disorder, Health & Safety and Human Rights.


NOTE: The minutes will be reviewed and formally ratified by the PC on 8 November 2019


Signed……………………………………………………….…………………………..                                              Date…………………………………