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28th Nov 2019


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Kilmington Parish Council

Parish Clerk – Mrs Ruth Burrows      Email:

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday, 28 November 2019 in Whitesheet CE Primary Academy.

Present:  Cllrs G Cotton (Chairman), Mrs Hames (Vice-Chairman), M Curtis, R Flower, G Hunt and C Reeves.
In attendance:  Mrs R Burrows (Clerk) and Cllr G Jeans; 2 members of the public.

The meeting opened at 19.35 hrs
PUBLIC SESSION: This provides an opportunity for Members of the Public to raise questions about and comment on items on the Agenda.

WILTSHIRE COUNCILLOR’S REPORT – Cllr Jeans apologised and said he would be unable to stay for the entire meeting   He asked that when the Parish Council (PC) were agreeing the Precept for the next financial year (item 147.e) consideration be given to allocating a sum to support South West Wiltshire Area Board grants as the general rule now is that if a grant is made from the limited monies available, the PC is asked to make a contribution.

139.  APOLOGIES for absence.  None

Members are invited to declare disclosable pecuniary interests and other interests in items on the agenda as required by the Kilmington Parish Council Code of Conduct for Members and by the Localism Act 2011.

  • None received.

The minutes of the last Parish Council meeting held on Thursday, 5 September were approved and signed as a correct record.

142.  MATTERS ARISING (not covered by other Agenda items)
a) Openreach Community Fibre Partnership: the Clerk said that she had spoken to the resident who was trying to instigate this initiative for the households in and around Butts Lane.  The resident had confirmed that there had been no further progress on setting up the Legal Entity Company and further information from Openreach is awaited.  After the last meeting, the Chairman and Clerk had made enquiries with various contacts following which the PC had been advised, for legal reasons, not to become involved and that the group should form their own Community Interest Company.  Cllr Jeans reported that he too had spoken to the resident and all he was permitted to say at this time is that talks are on-going with Wiltshire Council in this regard.

b) Firework Display – Cllr Mrs Hames reported that it had been a very successful event and everything had gone off smoothly.  This year because Darren Davis had undertaken the specialist training he was able to let off all the fireworks and he had been given a round of applause at the end of the evening.  It was RESOLVED that the Clerk should write a letter of thanks to Darren.                                                                                                                   Action: Clerk
143.       PLANNING(All applications can be viewed on Wiltshire Council’s website
– and type in the relevant application number)
a)            Application to consider at the meeting
Application No:                 19/10758/PNCOU prior notification on change of use
Proposal:                             Under Class Q for a Proposed Change of Use and Conversion of Barn into a single dwelling (Use Class C3) and for associated operational development.
Site Address:                     Barn on land at Butts Lane, Kilmington, BA12 6RB

The applicants of this application were both present at the meeting to answer any questions.  The details had been previously circulated to members and, as Cllr Meeker (not present) had queried the use of a Class Q application in an AONB, the Clerk had spoken on the telephone to the assigned officer, Tim Pizzey to seek clarification.  However, all she had been able to ascertain from him was that this could well be the case and that Mr Pizzey had yet to look into all the detail of the application.  He asked that the PC consider and return the consultee response form asap. Cllr Flower said he had looked in detail at the boundaries of the AONB and the barn was literally just on the edge.  Those members present did not feel this conversion should have any detrimental effect and would in fact enhance the area.  It was RESOLVED that the PC support this application.                                                                              Action: Clerk   

b)            Applications considered/determined since last meeting:
19/07890/FUL regrade and widen access driveway at White Lodge, The Street
PC response: Support with conditions                                                     LPA: approved with conditions 24.10.19

19/08728/VAR variation of condition 2 for application 17/1041/FUL Mardon, Butts Lane (Minute 131.c)
PC response: Support                                                                                    LPC: approved with conditions 25.10.19

7.49 pm Cllr Jeans and two members of the public left the meeting

a) Parking outside the Playing Field – the Chairman said he was disappointed at the lack of progress and had sought assistance from Cllr Hunt to urge the Covenant Officer of the National Trust (NT) to reply to our proposals.  A letter had now been received from them advising us that a second assessment would be undertaken and Cllr Hunt said a site visit had taken place on Monday of this week (25 November).   It is hoped that the NT will issue their final recommendations within 10 days of the assessment as promised in their letter.

b) B3092 Coombe Barn junction – Cllr Cotton said, as could be seen by all, when driving through Norton Ferris on the B3092, the signs are in place and a huge thank you was given to Julie Watts, Principle Engineer at Wiltshire Council (WC) at the CAT G meeting which he and the Clerk had recently attended.  The actual cost of the signs had risen to approximately £1500 since when they had first been proposed but we had been asked to give 25% of the original quote and the invoice payment is listed under item 147.c.                                                                                 Item closed

c) Speed Indicator Device – Cllr Flower said he had received revised SID deployment criteria at the end of last month which outlined a relaxation in the time periods that a SID can be sited at one location (now between 2-8 weeks) but it also again referred to  the requirement for official contractors to be hired to deploy the SID.  Consequently, the Chairman said this item had been discussed at the November meeting of CATG when many other parish councils had queried it.  As far as we could ascertain the majority of SWW parish councils used volunteers and would continue to do so.  The Clerk said that earlier in the year she had checked again with our insurers and they had confirmed that there is “no issue provided all reasonable steps are taken to prevent injury arising”.  Cllr Flower said he always wore a hi-vis jacket when moving the SID.  Cllr Hunt suggested that perhaps he should also wear a safety helmet.  The Chairman reported that Cllr Wayman – the WC Highways Cabinet Member had indicated that some training was in the process of being planned for volunteers and further details would be available in due course.

d) Road repairs to The Street & Butts Lane Dip –the Chairman said that patching work had been done in The Street and he had been advised that total resurfacing will take place on 30 June 2020.  With regard to Butts Lane he was pleased to report that he had taken the opportunity to speak with David Button (WC Area Highways Engineer) at the CATG meeting who had said more work has is planned for the dip in Butts Lane and that in the next two years, he expects the whole of the lane to be resurfaced.

e) Ditch maintenance/Flood Plan – there was no further progress to report on the production of a village Flood Plan but Cllr Reeves said he had been thinking about the need to have an early warning system in place.  He said he still had the siren which had been provided during the 1960’s when civil defence was very much a hot topic. It was agreed this should be further explored as well as somewhere dry for residents to evacuate to.    There was certainly the need to keep ditches and grips free and the provision of sandbags was mentioned.  The Clerk said she thought these might be available from WC and promised to check if they were available on the Parish Emergency Assistance Scheme form.  All agreed that the PC should not be complacent with regard to this issue and with the increased rainfall experienced this autumn the plan must be written.  The Chairman said a couple of emails had been received  his week from WC suggesting that workshops are being planned for early 2020 together with the Environment Agency.                                                                                                                                Action: Cllrs Cotton & Reeves/Clerk
f) Parish Steward – the Chairman said Fred Winter, our Steward, was now routinely calling into see him before starting work on the half-day he is allocated to attend Kilmington.  The priority at present is keeping drains and grips clear.

g) Missing sign – the Clerk asked for confirmation that the “Kilmington Common” sign which used to be on the verge opposite Cote Lane was definitely missing, as she had reported it on the MyWilts APP only to be advised that the matter had been actioned and closed.  Confirmation was given that the sign has gone and the Clerk will follow up again with WC who earlier in the year had said there was money available for new signs.                         Action: Clerk

145. SOUTH WEST WILTSHIRE AREA BOARD INITIATIVE – Real Madrid Football training August 2020
The details of this initiative had been circulated to all members prior to the meeting.  Currently, it was a draft proposal to earmark funding to enable Parish Councils to create a scholarship for a young footballer to join a training event with Real Madrid at the Nadder Centre, Tisbury next summer (24-28 August).  There could be one place for a youngster from Kilmington but he must live in the parish, and a letter of support would be required from his school or amateur football club.  It was RESOLVED that the Clerk should write to the three local schools in Mere, Zeals and Gillingham asking if they knew of any local boy who would fit the criteria. Cllr Mrs Hames said it could be included in the January edition of the Pink Paper.  The SWW Area Board will consider this proposal at their 29 January 2020 meeting.                                                                                                                                                                                  Action: Clerk

146.  PLAY AREA – the Clerk reported that the annual playground inspection had taken place on 20 September and   she had produced a table with all the items requiring action or monitoring but there were no urgent or high risk items that needed immediate attention.  Cllr Mrs Hames said that the Playing Field Committee had met on 20 November to discuss the report and the required actions.  They had agreed to meet early next Spring (as a Working Party) to get many of the small jobs done such as painting, chopping back plant overgrowth and general maintenance.  In addition, Darren Davis has been asked to look at a few specific items of work and the Clerk to get quotes for a new basketball post and additional grass matting for under the new swing set.
Action: Cllrs Hames/Reeves/the Clerk

a) Receipts since last meeting: the Clerk reported two cheques from the Amenity Fund had been received – the first to cover the Firework training undertaken by D Davis for £145.83 and the second for the actual fireworks of £354.12.

b) The Clerk confirmed that the current balance of the Lloyds Bank account as at 28.11.19 is £9,976.34 and a bank reconciliation sheet had been prepared showing no unpresented cheques, receipts so far this year of £8631.08, with payments of £3808.55 and this reconciles with the bank statement of today’s date which the Chairman signed.

c)It was RESOLVED to approve the following payments and the Chairman and Cllr Mrs Hames signed the cheques:



Amount £

Cheque #

Epic Fireworks

Fireworks for annual display (already paid)



Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

Remembrance Wreath



Mrs R K Burrows

Clerk’s Expenses: Stamps/printer ink/ stationery items
Q1-Q3 2019 (including 50% share of new Office 2016 software)



Mrs R K Burrows

Clerks salary & allowance Q3 2019 (after reductions)




Clerk’s PAYE Q3 2019



D L Davis

Play Area Inspections – Q3



J Kingsbury

Grass cutting of the playing field annual charge



Whitesheet CE Primary

Hire of meeting hall Nov 2019



T J Thornley

Website updates Q3



Accounting & Office Solutions

Annual pay role fee



Wiltshire Council

PC’s contribution towards Coombe Barn Lane B3092 signs



Society of Local Council Clerks

Annual subscription



The Clerk asked for confirmation that the PC were happy to continue with the services of Mr Kingsbury to cut the grass in the playing field for 2020 and this was agreed.

d) Spend v Budget report: the Clerk said this had been circulated with the Agenda and showed an underspend of £1120.05 but there were still another 4 months until the end of the financial year.  This report would in future be produced for each meeting.

e) To consider the Annual Budget 2010-2021: the Clerk had circulated the details prior to the meeting along with a set of notes.  It was RESOLVED to agree the draft figures.  Items which had been increased above 5% were:
SLCC annual subscription (increase of £30) – this will no longer be shared with Stourton PC as the Clerk has resigned from that position.
Clerks salary (increase of £200) – the Clerk said that over the past year she felt she had been working far more hours than she was actually paid and would in future be keeping a timesheet.
Website maintenance (increase of £50) – new regulations on accessibility for public sector websites will apply from September 2020 and our website must be user friendly for people with disabilities.  In addition, there will be extra work for our webmaster on financial regulations to be displayed.

f) To approve Precept on Wiltshire Council for 2020-2021: It was proposed by Cllr Reeves, seconded by Cllr Hunt and agreed by all to approve the precept of £7039.00 and the Chairman signed the Precept form in the presence of the Parish Council.                                                                                                                                                            Action: Clerk

Information had been received from the Wiltshire Association of Local Councils and a discussion took place on how the PC should be involved in any village celebration for this significant event next May.  Cllr Reeves said that obviously, since the 50th anniversary there were now significantly less residents around who could remember WW2, but that should not deter us from marking the occasion.  It was suggested that the PC could possibly join with the Home Guard Club and the Clerk was requested to contact Mrs Anne Davis – the current Stewardess and make some enquires.                                                                                                                                                                                            Action: Clerk

a) New email address: the Clerk said she had been experiencing real problems using the personal email account she had set up when she had taken over from Lindsey Wood. As a result of speaking to Mr Thornley our webmaster, it transpired that there was an email account attached to our website domain ( so this is now in use, but she has had to purchase an Outlook software package to use it and had asked the PC to fund 50% of the cost.  In order to get things set up the Chairman had agreed to this spend of £22.50 which was included in her expenses.

b) Extra reporting on accounts: the Clerk said that she had recently been reading up on finance and compliance with the Transparency Code for Smaller Councils and had realised that there are some items which needed to be addressed. One item concerned the publication of a list of Councillors responsibilities and she asked for confirmation of these as follows:

  • Playing Field Committee: Cllr Mrs Hames, Cllr Reeves & co-opted member Mrs G Bowles
  • Speed Indicator Device: Cllr Flower
  • SW Wiltshire Area Board representative: Cllr Cotton
  • Parish bus shelters of which they are 4: Cllr Reeves

The additional financial information not currently included which should be are:

  • Publication of expenditure of all items over £100
  • Publication of Assets

And she would be contacting Mr Thornley during the next few weeks so this additional information is made available on our website.                                                                                                                                                             Action: Clerk

The date of the next meeting will be Thursday, 12 March 2020 at 7.30 pm in the Whitesheet CE Primary Academy.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 8.48pm

Members are reminded that the Parish Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions:  Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and any disability), Crime and Disorder, Health & Safety and Human Rights.


NOTE: The minutes will be reviewed and formally ratified by the PC on 5 March 2020



Signed…………………………………………………………………………………………                                 Date…………………………………